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home-pictAny one who's had anything to do with fly fishing in Australia over the last 30 years would know who Peter is. As the presenter of the popular SBS television series Wildfish, Peter has shown us many of his favourite fishing locations, introduced the local identities and even caught a fish or two in the process. He's also a renowned fishing journalist and author, having been published in many Australian and international fishing journals as well as writing several books on fly fishing.

These days he's a fly tackle consultant to JM Gillies and is a member of Team Sage. He's passed his FFF casting instructors certification and is very involved in presenting the fly fishing segment for John Haenke's DVD magazine.

Please feel free to peruse these pages, browse the image gallery and even purchase a book or DVD directly from Peter. Check back often as Peter will be constantly updating the News page with details of his exploits and fishing adventures.

Television presenter, journalist, author, renown fly fishing photographer, teacher and communicator, Peter Morse proudly considers himself to be a fly-fishing purist with 35 years in the sport, the last 20 of those full time “living the dream”. He’s guided around the South Pacific and fly-fished most edges of the Australian continent and many of the rivers and lakes. With a species tally of 280 there’s not a lot he hasn’t done in the world of fly-fishing. “There’s no such thing as a bad fish” he says, “some are just better than others, but who are we to decide which is which, they all teach us something”. He’s a strong proponent of pursuing any and all species with fly tackle and techniques.

An FFF Master fly casting instructor Peter has developed an effortless smooth style and specialises in teaching how to usefully apply a wide range of casts that help us deal with wind, large flies, and tricky presentations. “It’s one thing to know how to do a curve cast, or a Belgian cast, or a reach mend, or a Snake roll, its another thing to be able to apply it to a fishing situation”.

“The fly-fishing world is full of self-styled experts, but you soon know when you are in the presence of the real thing. From marlin to milkfish, I doubt there is anyone in Australia, or anywhere for that matter, who knows more about saltwater fly-fishing than Peter Morse - and he’s an absolute threat on a trout stream as well. Better yet, he can show you how to do it. I’ve learned more about saltwater fly in a couple of trips with Morsie than I have in decades of working it out by myself. It’s all about attitude. Fish with Morsie and you’ll understand the meaning of ‘focused’. This applies to everything he does, from photography, writing and fly-casting instruction, to finding and catching, the only longtail tuna you see all day - on a fly, of course. To know much about any of these pursuits is admirable, to excel at them all is formidable. To have the ability and desire to share all that expertise is a very rare thing” - Bob Wyatt - Fly Fisherman - Author - www.trouthunting.com